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    Conferencing Controller

    Be it hybrid working or meets between organizations, Bronx ensures individuals and teams do feel seen and heard with an impact, and the time spent in video conferencing is not lost to troubleshoots and technical challenges. This allows for a seamless communication that ensures things go as planned.

    Bronx solutions include and cover an entire ecosystem of video conferencing software, products, accessories, services, beyond partnerships that work for all stakeholders. Be it your boardrooms or huddle rooms, public areas or the hot desks, our solutions ensure crystal clear audio visual solutions for video conferencing.

    We bring in the best technology and integrate it into your workspaces. We enable a quick, value-based and seamless integration of technology with your software, so you can get to work right away!


    Video Conferencing solutions are installed and adapted to the surroundings and the needs of the ecosystem. Quality of audio and video systems have to be compatible to the room type, size, types of business communication, software at hand and the number of users.

    • Video Conferencing system
    • Fast computer processing
    • Sufficient network bandwidth
    • High-resolution webcam to capture clear imaging
    • Video display screen for clarity of communication
    • Microphone(s) that capture & cancel noise
    • Video Conferencing software compatible across the ecosystem
    • Optional - Mobile Video Conferencing app

    There are a number of challenges that hampers Video Conferencing, and these include

    • Inadequate bandwidth and network connectivity issues
    • Unclear Displays with hard to read resolution
    • Unclear microphone result in choppy audios
    • Incompatible software
    • Freezing screens

    During video meetings, the audio/ video quality and resolution may get impacted owing to the below factors

    • Bandwidth quality
    • Internet speed. CPU load
    • Incompatible software
    • Capabilities of your camera and microphone.

    The software installations, compatibility of computers, the availability of hand held and fixed microphones and webcams, are all integral factors for a hybrid workplace video conferencing to work. The organisation needs to seek help of video conferencing solutions providers to seek a favourable system that works seamlessly.