BRONX Intelligent Queuing Solution

Intelligent Queuing Solution


  • Intelligent queuing solution is widely used in any place where need to queue, such as Bank, Hospital,Police etc.Especially very popular fr the government department, and it is very Close to everyone's life. By using this solution, we can greatly improve the working efficiency for the government, and also can improve the social fairness.

One Stop Solution

  • Intelligent queuing solution is all hardware based, total one stop solution;
  • Hardware solution, ever more stable and reliable.

  • Main kiosk use wireless technology with 17" touch screen.
  • This system composed by PC and queuing software control the calling module, Window Screen display, Central display and Receipt module.
  • This system is user friendly, queuing software already embedded in PC.
  • Wireless Kiosk already installed PC and thermal printer, and the print content can be editable.
  • Queuing ticket include number, time, ticket type, current waiting people number and other information, this system automatically queued by the number for all the users.
  • Each Wireless system can simultaneously serve 99 queues and 256 working window.
  • Queues can be adjusted according to the user's requirements.
  • System support VIP queue service, the VIP card to print VIP ticket to enjoy queuing priority.
  • Based on the setting, system support each Window to manage one or several type of business.
  • Queuing number will be broadcast-ed, and also be displayed in the Central Screen and Window Screen accordingly.
  • Operator can use Wireless Caller or Calling software to trigger the calling number.
  • In case power failure, system can automatically back up the system information, and the power on again, the system will back to normal immediately.
  • Upon the first time system reboot function, user can research and analyze the statistics on the staff statistics, business statistics and customer statistics.
  • The system automatically save the statistical data, statistical reports can be directly printed.