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    Dialogue conference solutions

    We take pride in being India's leading collaborative and unified communications provider. The management team of the company has a combined experience of 50 years of telecom and unified communication services. Our innovation and customizations ensure we deliver operational excellence, innovations in technology, and a wow experience of customer service to brands, institutions and companies across the spectrum.

    As your go-to source in an ever evolving stratosphere of audio visual solutions, we ensure ease of communication today, while we ensure superior value propositions to bring in the future of technology to your doorsteps today. We bring in user-friendly and feature-rich audio-conferencing to help you connect online for internal and external communication in an business environment, to enable clear communication with easy dialogue conference calling panning different locations.


    The aim of Dialogue Conferences is to provide an arena of discussion allowing all participants to create a common ground for their own further collaborative activities.

    There are two types of audio (Dialogue) Conferencing, including point-to-point and Multipoint Conferencing Systems.

    Anywhere there is a telephone and an internet line, one can participate in an audio conference. From a simple speakerphone, or hands-free audio units, dialogue conferencing may include sensitive, noise canceling microphones and sophisticated echo-cancellation software.

    Audio conferencing enables multiple people on multiple phone systems to connect on the same call. Each person dials into a central conferencing line and can hear and speak to all the other people who call into the same line.

    With Audio Conferencing, the participants use a regular phone to take part in Teams meetings- either by dialing in to the meeting from their phone or by using dial-out functionality from within the meeting.

    Seamless dialogue conferencing
    Clarity, ease of use & comfort

    Our integrated Dialogue Conferencing allows state of the art technology seamlessly merging with your digital network to allow for crisp communication, while the "Hand-in-Hand-Loop-Network" connection keeps the system running perfectly in spite of changing discussion unit or any malfunctioning units.

    Clear Voice Communication
    Wireless & Wired Dialogues
    Acoustic Solutions
    Associated AV Accessories
    Large & Small Rooms
    State-of-the-art Technology
    Amazing Visual Appeal
    Seamless Integration
    Digital Networking
    Hand-in-Hand Loop Network
    System date/ Time Management
    Support Count-down Speech