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    Samsung Display Noida

    Samsung Display Noida

    • Interactive Engagement : Bronx has empowered Samsung Display Noida with active LEDs, transforming them into interactive platforms for citizens to engage with their local government and enhance civic participation.
    • Dynamic Visibility : Bronx's dynamic LED displays attract attention and increase visibility compared to static signage, ensuring that important messages reach a broader audience effectively.
    • Cost Reduction : By partnering with Bronx, Samsung Display Noida has reduced operational costs associated with manual signage updates and maintenance, leading to substantial savings for local authorities.
    • Remote Management : Bronx's cutting-edge technology includes a centralized control panel that enables remote management of content scheduling and playback, ensuring real-time updates and maximum flexibility for Samsung.
    • Energy Efficiency : Bronx's content management software allows scheduling and optimizing content delivery, minimizing energy usage and operational costs and contributing to sustainability efforts and environmental responsibility.
    • Adaptable Design : Bronx's innovative design solutions for Active LED displays facilitate effortless expansion or reconfiguration to accommodate future technological advancements, ensuring long-term relevance and investment protection.
    • API Integration : Bronx's content management software seamlessly retrieves data via APIs, ensuring easy integration with various data sources and systems. This provides Samsung with a versatile and connected solution.
    • Continuous Improvement : The collaboration with Bronx ensures that Samsung's content management software can be regularly updated with new features and integrations, guaranteeing long-term viability and adaptability to evolving needs.
    • Versatile Data Streaming : Bronx's content management software can stream any data through any public link, making it a versatile tool for information dissemination and ensuring that Samsung's displays are always relevant and up-to-date.
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