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    Our Work With

    National Thermal Power Corporation


    The National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC) LARA required a robust and efficient conferencing system to support their critical meetings and collaborative efforts. Bronx installed a customised conferencing setup to enhance communication, streamline discussions, and facilitate efficient decision-making processes within NTPC LARA.

    Project Overview

    Bronx's conferencing system at NTPC LARA includes a specialised setup with Chairman and Delegate Units, 24 tabletop units with gooseneck microphones, and other advanced features. This installation aims to provide NTPC LARA with clear, secure, and efficient communication capabilities to support its operational needs.

    Product Utility

    Bronx Conferencing System installed at NTPC LARA

    Video Conferencing Setup

    • Chairman and Delegate Units: Dedicated microphone and control units for the chairman and delegates, ensuring orderly and efficient management of discussions.
    • PTZ Camera with "Look at Me" Feature: The feature automatically directs the camera to focus on the active speaker, enhancing engagement and visual clarity during meetings.
    • USB-Based Conferencing: Easy connection to computers via USB for seamless integration with popular conferencing software and platforms.
    • High-Quality Audio: Clear and reliable sound transmission, minimising background noise and ensuring every participant is heard clearly.
    • Daisy-Chain Connectivity: Connect multiple units in a series to simplify cabling and setup, allowing for scalable and flexible configurations.
    • Integrated Speaker System: Built-in speakers in each unit provide clear audio playback, eliminating the need for external speakers.
    • Touch Screen Control (Optional): User-friendly touch screen interfaces for managing microphone activation, volume control, and other settings.
    • Mute and Talk Indicators: LED indicators on each unit show when the microphone is active or muted, ensuring clear communication status.
    • Voting and Polling Features (Optional): Integrated options for conducting votes and polls during meetings, facilitating decision-making.
    • Remote Management: Control and configure the system remotely, allowing IT staff to manage settings and troubleshoot issues from a central location.
    • Expandable System: Easily add more units to accommodate larger meetings or additional participants without extensive reconfiguration.
    • Recording Capabilities: Option to record audio and video of meetings for later review or archival purposes.
    • Wireless Options: Availability of wireless units for flexible room setups and reduced cable clutter.
    • Secure Communication: Encrypted audio transmission to ensure confidentiality and prevent eavesdropping on sensitive discussions.
    • Customisable Layouts: Ability to configure the physical layout and settings to suit different room sizes and meeting formats.

    Customisation for NTPC LARA

    • Conferencing Setup with Chairman and Delegate Units: This setup ensures the orderly and efficient management of discussions, with dedicated control units for both the chairman and delegates.
    • Tabletop Units with Gooseneck Microphones provide enhanced audio clarity and directional sound capture, ensuring clear communication during critical discussions.
    • 24 Units: Adequate coverage and scalability to accommodate medium-sized meetings, supporting NTPC LARA's operational needs.


    Implementing Bronx's advanced conferencing system at NTPC LARA has dramatically enhanced its communication and meeting management capabilities. With high-quality audio, secure communication, and flexible configurations, NTPC LARA can operate more efficiently and effectively. This successful installation demonstrates Bronx's commitment to delivering tailored, high-performance AV solutions for various institutional needs.