Digital Signal Proccessor


  • 24bit/48KHz sampling frequency, high performance A/D D/A converter and 32-bit floating point DSP processor, full function matrix Remix features a clear voice for the user to provide superior.
  • Adjust the input sensitivity of 2, high precision, a total of 21 stalls, step 3dB, the maximum input gain 60dB.
  • efficient processing algorithm: AFC, AEC, ANS, AUTOMIXER, EQ, GATE, AGC etc..
  • rich interface extension: GPIO supports 8 channels can be custom input output GPIO, level support external input 3.3~24V; USB interface supports recording, the scene preservation etc.; RS-485 support automatic camera tracking function, easy realization of video conference; RS-232 bidirectional serial control interface: control or receiving control equipment, such as video matrix, camera etc..
  • support the functions of presupposition of multi group scene, humanized operation interface software.

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