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    Class D 2-Channel Amplifier


    The range digital class-D power amplifier is switching by 100V & 70V & 8ohms. The built-in two channel separate high-pass Power technology, which features of minimum power consumption filters could be enabled or disabled through the dip switch and much higher efficiency up to 85%, moreover it helps to save pre-setting. Installation rack space, generate less heat so as to extend its performance life span as a result. Automatic standby enable after no detection of signal input for one Minute, immediately wake up at sight of any input. Visual working. The digital class-D amplifiers are of rated power output at 120W, status indicators include protection, clip, input and output for easy 240W, 350W & 500W by two channels, so it could be used as two supervision. With complete short circuit, overload, high temp, clip Zone multiple sources public address system at minimum cost. Versatile loudspeaker outputs of both high impedance 100V & 70V & low Impedance 8ohms enable it meet both fixed installation and Hi-fi Wide AC power supply from 110V to 230V, thus it support Stereo sound installation jobs. Worldwide sound system installation. DC24V battery input is Optional at request.

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