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    Audio Video solutions require AV accessories to enable integration of technology and smooth sailing for communication within ecosystems. At Bronx, we bring in the latest in global technologies that tie up any loose ends while empowering ease of use and compatibility to the audio-video solutions.

    From Podiums to Pop-Up Boxes, the latest in Cable technologies, to Mounting Kits, Lacterns, stands and AV mobile carts, screens and more, Bronx enables n empowered AV set up for your locations across Pan India.

    We offer solutions to big and small set ups, multi-site corporations, federal and privately held corporates. We help find the right accessories to fill in the gaps and get the job done. We help your organization unleash the power of team collaboration and communications.


    Right from cabling to networking and accessories like mic and podiums, AV accessories provide portable and fixed solutions that integrate the software to the inputs and outputs of the audio-visual ecosystems.

    The functionality and workability of your AV systems and installations is covered by a manufacturer's/ installer's warranty. You can work with peace of mind as the AV solutions firm will come in and resolve your grievances.

    Accessories are based and have certain specifications that work with stand alone systems or have a multi-functional use across the ecosystem. Speak to your AV consultant to get the specific answers to compatibility of AV accessories.

    Equipment racks safeguard AV systems and provide the AV room a neat look. They also protect the AV systems from damage against accidents and regular room cleaning schedules.

    The ANSI/ITA-568 and ISO/IEC 11801 are the two names you need to know and understand, because these two are the main structured cabling standards.

    Cables can be classified into 5 types, based on their purpose and usage:

    • Ribbon Electric Cables
    • Shielded Cables
    • Twisted Pair Cables
    • Coaxial Cables
    • Fiber Optics Cable