Working with the best brands Pan India, we produce custom, innovative solutions for active LED display products including Indoor Active LED Screens, Active LED Video Walls, Outdoor Active LED Screens, Advertising kiosks, LED dislay standees, LED cabinets and LED modules besides 3D LED Screens. We bring together the best raw materials' quality using craftsmanship, teamwork and visual quality within our range of products. This way, we provide solutions for indoor and outdoor LED requirements.

Bronx ensures commitment in quality service and ensures global quality standards to federal, corporate and institutions with our our active LED display products Pan India. Bronx enables customized active LED screen for known brands, firms, events, and customised projects.


Active LED displays are quite superior to regular LED display panels, as they possess a higher output quality and longevity. Active LED displays are able to deliver a higher brightness, a much better colour reproduction, and a bezel-free seamless image. Also, it is possible to conduct chip-level repairs with active LED displays. Active LEDs are also adaptable in size to the needs of the display, whether indoors or outdoor locales.

You can install and enable an active LED to any environment and size, including indoors and outdoors displays. Active LEDs are size adaptabe and have higher output of resolution and brightness and work equally well in outdoor environments.

Active LEDs are strong and able to withstand quite extreme weather conditions. Also, the ability of an active LED to be repaired chip wise makes it easier to maintain, rather than having the need to change the entire display.

Institutions like airports and stock exchanges or weather departments - all enable LEDs to display real time data. You can seamlessly connect the active LED to your software and command centres.

Curve LED Video Wall Displays are now quite common for large displays and even small retail displays. Thanks to the latest LED technology, it is now possible to create and install video display walls that can bend and also curve in different ways, thus capturing the viewers' (peripheral) vision and delivering immersive experiences in outdoor and indoor spaces.