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    We have catered to diverse clients across various domains in the country, delivering value and satisfaction.

    Collaborating Solution Architecture

    Our solutions are integral to your business' development cycle and are tailored to improve communication and networking within and outside the organisation.

    Chairman Microphone

    Dialogue Conferencing Systems

    Be heard loud and clear; whether you're addressing a throng or pitching your ideas in a symposium, focus on active speaking with remarkable clarity.

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    Delegate Conferencing system

    Video Conferencing Systems

    Enhance your video experiences with adaptive intelligent software that brings the meeting to life irrespective of your bodily presence.

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    Delegate Microphone

    Active LED Display Solutions

    Captivate your audience through more realistic and memorable content with stunning picture quality and custom-fit-sized visual displays.

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    Poly Video conference system

    Integrated Solutions

    Experience inclusive and compatible pre-configured solutions for rooms of all sizes and performance requirements that works as a productivity multiplier.

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    Building a sustainable and enterprising working environment encourages tech-fasting for a visionary future. A growing business's most influential breakthrough factors start with Bronx's integrated solutions.


    Who We Serve?

    Bronx works closely with software and hardware partners to source, design, and create compatible solutions. We focus on bringing congruent, interoperable solutions that are simple to use and easy to deploy, aiming to deliver an exceptional user experience.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    It is the process of merging technologies related to hearing and vision into a cohesive, well-functioning system. Our solutions help customers in enhancing collaboration and improve operational efficiency and productivity.

    The amount of time required to complete the audiovisual integration process successfully depends on the project's scope.

    AV technologies have numerous benefits, and you can strengthen your business growth strategies with our solutions.

    • Drive efficiency in meetings with teams and clients
    • Enrapture your audience in theatres with surround-sound speakers
    • Enhance the learning experience of students
    • Delight shoppers with new promotions and offers
    • Tell us your room size
    • Pick your preferred audio and video technology
    • Select the right conferencing software
    • Our experts will connect and design a suitable solution for your business.

    AV integrators and designers suggest products that can be used within your environment that suit the audience and room size.

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